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Slime Papillion is Consistent Quality

I've purchased quite a few items now from this shop and absolutely everything I've received is fantastic. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is unfamiliar with them. My fav fav fav is probably Scarlet Sandwich, but literally everything is wonderful

Slime papillon

This slime is sooo good. Arrived a little sticky which is normal, added some borax and it’s my new fave thickie atm!! The texture is great and has a great elasticity to it, most thickies get droopy and too stretchy overtime, but this one is sooo amazing! Definitely recommend:)

my kids love her slime I recommend thank you

Porcupine Crisp

The slime was super crunchy and had an amazing snow fizz texture which is my fav! 2 complaints are that I thought it was advertised that it would come with the charm, but it didn’t (no big deal, but maybe should’ve been listed in the “item details”) as well as the captain crunch berries scent was not very present at all and had a different sort of scent. Other than that, I play with it a lot!!!

Lemon Cupcake Batter
Lemon Cupcake Batter

So thick and creamy! Definitely recommend!

so amazing

i got my slime not even 10 minutes ago and i’ve never been so pleased with a slime shop before. by far my favorite slime ever purchased.❤️


first off, this slime is CRAZY inflating. it should honestly be titled as a puff slime. the scent was fabulous. it was more of a sour patch kid scent then a cotton candy scent in my opinion. im glad it did smell like that because i much rather prefer it. IT SMELLS AMAZING! i enjoyed mixing in the clay, i definitely recommend this slime it was so good!!

Super fluffy

I love this slime. The texture is great to play with. Stretchy and inflates a ton. Def recommend picking this one up.

Wig. Is. Snatched

Tony starch inflated almost more than his ego ;) this slime is beautiful, and the creamiest butter slime ever. Tony snatched my wig back when I first opened this slime and he hasn’t given it back :( so in all, BUY THIS SLIME

Lemon Cupcake Batter
cryin' in the club

this slime is soooo clicky and glossy it got me cryin' in the club. like someone else mentioned, it smells like lemon cleaning supplies, and i adore the pale pastel yellow color. the clay sprinkles are a simple touch that bring it up a level and give it some life while still keeping its original texture. it did arrive a little sticky but the included borax helped me bring it to perfect consistency. i am also pretty sure that the container (which is domed and sturdy with no leaks) holds 5oz. even though i purchased the 4oz., which was such a wonderful surprise! 10/10, would entirely recommend. <3


Love the texture, smell and pops!! Please keep this one in stock!!

Doesn't Get Better

Of course, I'd been hearing about this product forever and had seen tons of different videos of it but when I finally got it, I see what the fuss is about. It's so nice. It's smooth and fragrant and puffs up incredibly if you want it to. I've ordered a few things from her now and every one of them is perfect.

Tony Starch *AWARD WINNER*


Ok so it came in 6 days which is awesome because stuff usually takes like 3 weeks to arrive. Ok so let me just say that the scent is beyond amazing 😉! It’s scrnted like real tutti frutti ice cream. The clay color was amazing and it mixed into a bright orange and the sprinkle pieces to go with it are so cute! It makes and awesome butter slime and if your reading this I totally recommend to get this slime! Impressed 5/5 stars!


Love the smell and texture on this one!!! Please restock this

Love it

Great texture and scent. Love that I can mix it together.

Love this slime

Great texture and I LOVE the smell

Love it

It’s amazing

so fluffy and fun to mix!!

i love this slime. first of all, it’s a diy clay slime, meaning that i got to play a role in “creating” the slime, which was super fun. once mixed, this slime inflates to nearly double its size and becomes so fluffy. the slime also has a fruity scent, which i love. i’m so happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this slime to anyone! just make sure you have a large container on hand to prepare for the inflation :)

Good texture

Smelled very nice

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream *BESTSELLER*

Can I have my wig back please?!

Oh my god sis you made a queen. This is my life and sis I STILL can’t find my wig! My slime is pretty old but it’s still an inflating wizard!

Best slime ever!!!!!

We have over 100 slimes I’m collection. This slime is hands down everyone’s very favorite. Perfect texture. Smell
Is amazing. Please make more slime like this!!!!!

A True Icon!

I love Tony Starch so much, it gets super fluffy and sizzly, and inflates a ton! The scent is really unique, so I recommend buying this slime if you love a strong bread scent. It will get slightly sticky when fully inflated, but you can just activate it with the borax that comes with your purchase! Overall, totally worth the price!

Super soft and inflating!

Color and concept was super cute! Super soft and inflated SO much!