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Unicorn Milkshake ( Pink, thick glossy slime)

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Unicorn Milkshake ( Pink, thick glossy slime)

Unicorn Milkshake is a pink thick and glossy slime with unicorn-themed foam beads. It is scented like cherry candy, which is a personal favorite scent! It is topped off with pastel sprinkles.


What's included in the package:

  • Item(s) ordered
  • Extras bag containing a care sheet, candy, and a bag with a tsp. of borax powder



Orders are shipped out 1-5 days after being purchased. Actual transit time comes to play once your order has been shipped.

Slime is NOT edible, and is recommended for ages 8 and up. Keep out of reach of small children and pets. Supervision is recommended.

Do not purchase if you are allergic to any of the following: glue, borax, essential/fragrance oils

Customer Reviews

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Slime Papillion is Consistent Quality

I've purchased quite a few items now from this shop and absolutely everything I've received is fantastic. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is unfamiliar with them. My fav fav fav is probably Scarlet Sandwich, but literally everything is wonderful


Love the texture, smell and pops!! Please keep this one in stock!!

Unicorn Milkshake is amazing!

This slime was super thick, glossy, and stretchy just like Bubble Berry Custard. The scent is like a sour cherry airhead mixed with a hint of vanilla which smells delish! The foam beads, foam hearts, and sprinkles were a nice touch to this slime. The packaging was also super professional with clear dome lids and those unbreakable containers. Overall, this was such an amazing slime and I definitely recommend it.

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